About Remodel Masters

Randy Capone of Remodel Masters


• 5 star customer service – We’re available to help you pick tile, fixtures, or whatever else you need us to do to help with the completion of your project

• State of the art software design is available for most projects to help you envision your project before work begins

• Free digitized photo album of your project from start to finish

• Financing available, even for not so good credit

• Satisfaction guaranteed on all completed projects.  If you’re not happy with any aspect of your project, just let us know and we’ll correct the problem


Our Pledge

“Remodel Masters will complete your project to the highest of standards, paying very close attention to detail, design and especially workmanship. Every job is completed as if the work were being done on my own home, meaning we NEVER cut any corners.”

“To my knowledge, we are the ONLY remodeling company in the industry to offer a LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY on all work performed. We are able to offer you this unprecedented warranty because I have over 30 years experience in the remodeling and construction industry and I know how to build things right. Additionally, we don’t sub-contract out all the work like most other contractors. This way I have all the control on how projects are constructed and I always over build instead of under building.  Honesty and integrity are the foundation of my company”

-Randy Capone, Owner and Master Craftsman

Choosing Your Contractor

Unfortunately in the remodeling business, you simply can’t compare price like you can at Wal-Mart to other department stores.  There they carry products manufactured by the same companies so you know what you’re getting. In the remodeling business, you’re actually comparing skill levels, so it’s extremely difficult to compare apples to apples.  A contractor with the lowest price may be under insured or uninsured, unlicensed and is probably using the most inexpensive materials he can find, ie. lowest grade lumber, low priced paint, inexperienced / under-experienced employees, etc. By combining cheap materials that don’t have the life expectancy of quality materials that cost more and having an inexperienced employee install them is a recipe for disaster. Chances are, that’s what you’ll be getting when your installation looks terrible after it’s done, then starts to fall apart shortly thereafter. If you are able to get a hold of the person you hired to make the repair, that is, if he still lives here and his phone has not been disconnected, you’re one of the lucky ones!

Remodel Masters uses only the best quality materials that last for every job, large or small. Our employees are privately trained by our owner with over 30 years experience with skills ranging from simple laborers to master craftsmen. By combining a master craftsman using the best materials for your project, we are able to provide our customers with not only superior quality installations and an original design that exceeds your expectations, but a LIFETIME warranty and satisfaction guarantee. We also go the extra mile by using protective products like temporary wall partitions to cut down on dust, protective film to cover your carpet and/or hardwood flooring during your remodeling process. In addition, we screen every employee for drug use, perform background checks, and supply a job superintendent on every job that requires access to your home while you’re away. Unfortunately, these extra efforts cost money, but the way we see it, it’s better to pay a little more so our customers have the peace of mind their project will be completed to the utmost of standards and are assured a trustworthy company is working on their home.

…and even if you don’t decide to hire us for your project, please do yourself a favor and verify that your contractor does have a contractors’ license and not just a business license (there is a huge difference), make sure he is adequately insured and check their references before you hire them.