We had our master bath shower remodeled totally, head to toe. Randy, the owner of Remodel Masters, was the primary craftsman as well as project manager, designer, and overall great guy to work with. The project was highly customized with unique features such as electronic temperature/flow controls, ceiling flush mounted four head rain feature, river rock floor, heated floor and heated bench seat and half tile half glass panel outer wall, The project also required a dedicated water line branched off the main basement feed. A vent/light combination was also installed as well as a rail mounted sliding holder for the shower head on a hose connected to the wall. Member Comments: The project began as a concept drawing born of years of mental designing on my part. Randy took my concepts and quickly turned my basic ideas and a lot of discussion into a practical, highly functional layout that exactly met our vision, needs and desires. In effect, he read our minds and translated all of our thoughts into a reality. The project required design skills, carpentry, tile work, electrical, plumbing, and overall attention to detail. Randy also acted as a great consulting service guiding us through the many decisions we faced as to style, type, color, size, cost, and on and on. Randy was highly communicative keeping us informed as to the progress of the project, giving us advance notice when a decision point was approaching, I will not say we avoided all bumps but at the same time I can say that the minor issues were quickly resolved with much credit to Randy's wealth of experience and ability to easily relate to us, understanding our wants and desires. The project lasted about three weeks. Randy worked with one helper who also had a number of craft skills such as sheet rock finishing, painting, electrical, carpentry, and plumbing. Randy was very sensitive to avoiding causing problems so he applied a temporary stick-on carpet protector along the route form the outside work area to the shower area. At the end of the day, they always cleaned up and neatly stored their tools and material awaiting the next day. The measure of inconvenience to us was minuscule. Cost wise, Randy is not cheap but neither was he out to stick it to us. If you consider the fact that any craft-based activity has hundreds if not thousands of steps where each step can be performed either to a workman quality or performed sub-standard, you want a contractor that will not take shortcuts but keep a high standard. Randy is such as craftsman. We are done with the bath remodel. I have already told Randy we will have him back to refurbish our aging and sinking deck next Spring.
William R.
Olathe, KS.
Remodel Masters submitted a very competitive bid on the bath update and bath remodeling. Final costs were around $3000 for the updated bath and $15,000 for the remodeled bath, and do not include $5000 for materials we purchased on our own (shower enclosure, bath fixtures, mirrors, vanity, lighting, fans, etc.). Cost for the patio, walk and drains was around $2000. The work was done in a timely fashion , but never rushed through. Randy Capone's abilities with all phases of the jobs were thorough and professional, and his tile work is amazing. Pictures of the project may be worth 1000 words, but they won't tell you what a pleasure Randy was to work with. He always took time to explain everything, answer all our questions and discuss different options. We trusted him and his assistant with a key to our home so he could come and go as needed while we were at work, and so he could continue work while we were away on vacation. We will definitely have him come back again for future projects.
Wolfgang S.
Kansas City, MO.
My husband had begun the work himself on our basement bathroom when he realized just how badly constructed it was to begin with. I found Randy and Remodel Masters on Angie's List and was very impressed with the stellar review, so we decided to give him a try. Having grown up in a construction industry family, I have pretty high standards, and I am very pleased with Randy's work. We knew there would be issues that needed to be corrected, and Randy was very thorough while never pushing unnecessary work on us. He did everything we asked for, and made improvements upon our requests that turned out beautifully. Because we were doing this remodel on a budget, my husband and I wanted to do what we could on our own, and Randy was very accommodating. He did the heavy lifting (i.e. reframing, rewiring, plumbing, shower base and tiling), and we will finish with the sealing, trim and painting. Even still, Randy went above and beyond when we had an electrical issue immediately following completion of his part that we thought was tied to the remodel. He came back out, on his own time, and spent several hours to help us locate the issue. Turns out it was a faulty outlet in a different room. I would highly recommend Randy and Remodel Masters for their professionalism and honest work. In fact, we may be redoing our master bath next year, and Randy will be our first call. Member Comments: Our overall experience with Randy and Remodel Masters was outstanding. Even thought this was a full demo and reconstruction, they were very conscientious and kept the areas cleaned up. They completed the remodel in a timely and professional manner, even with some delays (not within their control). Randy was very accommodating and worked with us to create a product with which we are very pleased. If we do another remodel in the future we will definitely give him a call.
~Renee C
Lenexa, KS.
For my kitchen: Remove stove, dishwasher, vinyl floor, and counter tops. Remove refrigerator. Dispose/donate as needed. Install new (already purchased) stove, dishwasher, and tile floor. Arrange for granite counter tops. Reinstall refrigerator. Along with anything else that needed repair/replacement/fixing/change orders. For my daughter's kitchen: Remove stove, dishwasher, vinyl floor, counter tops, and refrigerator. Remove all cabinetry. Dispose/donate as needed. Move refrigerator to basement, install electric and water to it. (Much easier said than done.) Install new (already purchased) dishwasher, vent hood, back splash tile, refrigerator, lighting. Arrange for granite counter tops. Arrange for new cabinetry. Install cabinetry. Reinstall stove. Install koa wood floor in kitchen, tile in the entrance way. Repair/replace/repaint as needed/change orders. For my daughter's bathroom: Remove bathtub, toilet, large mirror, large double sink, cabinetry, floor, bath and sink faucets. Dispose/donate as needed. Install new (already purchased) bathtub, toilet, shower door, two single sinks, bath and sink faucets, tile floor, back splash, tile around tub, soap dishes, and two single mirrors. Repair/replace/repaint as needed/change orders. Member Comments: HOW......DID....IT.....GO....OVERALL? Get a hot beverage and sit down. I started to plan this in August. At that time, I found a stove at a good price. Found a dishwasher too. I needed to replace the non functioning ones in my house. SLAGIATT. (Seemed like a good idea at the time.) There was a second dishwasher available at the time, it only made sense to replace the unit at my investment/daughters condo. SLAGIATT. As was prudent, I checked Angie's list for someone to install these things. Lot of good people. Looked for someone that didn't use subs for the work, someone that would be there. Also someone that didn't list projects they were proud of that had price tags above, say, 40,000. Remodel Masters, Inc. (Randy from here on) seemed to be a perfect fit. Had him look over what I had in mind, and he addressed all my needs and concerns. He came up with a kitchen redesign for the condo kitchen that was inspired. In the end, he gave an estimate that I recognized as more than fair. We put down a deposit, shook hands and made arrangements. I really don't want to look up the exact dates for the following events, it's just too much. But it went something like this: Randy started on my house and took out the stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Started to take up the floor, found asbestos. It took a while for me to find someone to remove it, so Randy went on to start on the condo. Finally got asbestos removed. He started to do the underlayment for the floor tile. Before it was done, however, the power company gifted my 70 year old house with about 7200 volts. At least that's what the fire marshal hypothesized. It fried a lot of the wiring. We were left without power, living in temporary housing for two months (the holiday months). During this time, Randy kept working on the condo. Many problems were identified and solved. We laughed, we cried. In the end, the condo was finished beautifully. Couldn't work on my kitchen until power was restored and damage assessed. He had to take on other jobs until then. After the power was restored and all, he came back as soon as he could to finish the job. It, too, has turned out beautifully. How did it go overall? I have to say it went very, very well. I found Remodel Masters, Inc. I had Randy working with me. Obstacles only challenged, NEVER defeated him. Randy proved to be hard working and flexible. He demonstrated encyclopedic knowledge and consummate skill. He taught as well as learned. He was meticulous and exacting. Every day he left things spotless. He was understanding and empathetic. His sense of humor is almost as droll as mine. It served him well during the decisions/discussions/arguments between my (opinionated) wife and (headstrong) daughter. (You didn't hear that from me.) Overall, if I had it to do all over again, I wouldn't hesitate to do it all over again. (But please don't make me.) In hindsight, there is nothing that could be done to make it better. One could not find a better organization or person to work with.
Frank L.
Leawood, KS.
I contracted with Remodel-Masters in 2007 for a total bathroom remodel. This was my first experience working with Randy Capone. Throughout this bathroom remodel, I was impressed with Randy's excellent quality of workmanship, attention to detail, and with his expert advice on how best to proceed. Randy also offered creative design ideas for the tile. I also appreciated how Randy keeps in touch constant contact with you regarding the timeline of the project. Since I was living in another location during this remodel, Randy worked weekends to stay ahead of schedule so I could return to my home earlier. This also meant that Randy had a key to my home and I trusted him completely with my house. It is now June, 2010. Because I was so pleased and excited about the bathroom remodel and Randy's quality of work in 2007, Randy has since that time, added beautifully stained front steps to my home, as well as two new windows, a deck, and just this last weekend he installed a patio door and a new tile floor in my porch room. And! During some down time, my front yard was mowed!!!! How about that? How many remodelers will do that for you? I am very pleased with Randy's quality of work and his desire to make sure the final project is a reflection upon his reputation and the customer's satisfaction. I have not even attempted to contact other remodelers as Randy is the only one I'll call. I'm contemplating a kitchen remodel in the near future and, when that happens, Randy will be at my house again offering his expert advice, excellent design ideas, and I know I will be completely happy with my kitchen. Member Comments: Overall, all projects Randy performed met my expectations and more! I am very pleased with the results.
Joyce Z.
Fairway, KS.Designer
Randy tore out a 3/4 bath and completely rebuilt it from scratch in addition to tearing out a large Jacuzzi tub in the master bath and building a large walk-in shower w/ dual shower heads. Member Comments: I looked at 4 other contractors & Randy. Randy brought pictures of his recent work, whereas the others didn't. I liked what I saw & later invited Randy back out again to re-quote, as I wanted to look at potentially doing some of the demo and painting myself in order to reduce costs. Randy was able to work with my budget with us doing some of the minor demo yet he and his crew doing the heavy stuff. The 3/4 bath probably took longer than I had expected, but Randy is a perfectionist and I kept telling myself that I'd rather see him do it right the first time than to rush through something and have me later regret it (plus the tile work was a complex pattern). As a Real Estate Agent in Leawood, I see a lot of remodels that look like quality work & those that don't. Randy's work definitely makes the grade for high end quality & price wise, he's right there in the middle. I have no regrets & will recommend him to my clients and friends which puts my reputation on the line with no worries!
Shane S.
Leawood, KS.
I had my 50-year-old, tiny, galley kitchen remodeled, which I'd referred to as "the room of doom." The room was gutted, including the tile floor and the removal of a wall that separated it from the tiny dining room. Randy and his one worker, Cameron, did all the work themselves, except for the granite counter top installation: tiling, drywall repair, cabinet installation, painting, plumbing, electrical, crown molding, etc. Randy even helped me with decorating decisions, and I must say that I love his taste. Member Comments: My kitchen had been a nightmare before and it was transformed into a dream. I'd had another kitchen remodeled in a previous house about 15 years ago by a company I'd chosen just because I'd known the name all my life. The job Randy did included much more work, like tile floor vs. linoleum and painting, and it barely cost more even with inflation. I also didn't have to put up with a parade of workers for each separate detail. I really can't recommend Remodel Masters enough: AAA+
Lisa G.
Overland Park, KS.
Complete finish of a walkout basement (appr 700 sq feet of finished area). Full bathroom, small bar area, rec room with built in entertainment center and convertible bedroom complete with murphy bed, closets on each side and a 13' pocket door. Randy did all the electical, framing/drywall, plumbing, painting, trim work (including window seals) and installed an atrium door, custom entertainment system, custom bar area with cabinets/wine rack and granite counter, and built the fridge in under the stairs. He also ran all the wiring for surround sound (indoor and outdoor). He had carpet installed (NFM), but we decided to lay the cork flooring ourselves. Member Comments: We originally chose Randy because his estimate was very reasonable. He was significantly less than some of the other bids we had received and we were amazed that we could get everything we wanted for our $30K budget. His original estimate was $27K, and we had other estimates that were $40K - $45K! We liked that he didn't use subcontractors (which was a huge plus for us) and he had great reviews on Angie's list. He was a couple weeks late starting because he was finishing up another job, but that wasn't a huge deal for us. From the beginning he was great about keeping us informed on the basement status. He showed up every day and always asked questions before starting projects to make sure it was exactly how we wanted it. His estimate was very detailed and his quotes were for builder grade materials so there were a few items we had to pay extra for (carpet, tile back splash, custom cabinets vs stock, painting the outside of the exterior door, an additional paint color and door handles). The upgrades weren't that significant though - final total was $29K vs $27K. He let us install the cork floor so that saved us about $1,500. We had the unfortunate luck of our basement flooding in the process of us installing the floor and it ruined about half of the floor. My husband called Randy around 9pm on a Sunday night just to let him know that our basement was flooded and he wouldn't have to come out on Monday until we had it all cleaned up. To our surprise, Randy showed up at our door about 30 minutes later. He came over just to see how bad the damage was and if there was anything he could do - on a Sunday night!! What other contractor would do that? He was a great guy to work with and he really takes pride in what he does, and it shows! The 13' pocket door is amazing and just what we wanted. He took the extra time to go to the local steel company to purchase pieces for the track so that we would never have problems down the road with the thin studs warping and interfering with the glide of the doors. The custom entertainment center looks great, and he even recommended arching the tops and building the middle section out a little bit. I have to admit, it looks better than we had originally envisioned. For the bar area, he custom ordered cabinets with a built-in wine rack from a local company and I was amazed at the quality of the cabinets. He then stained them to match the Murphy bed that we had purchased for him to install in the wall. He also made pillars to support the bar height granite counter top and stained them to match. He did a great job on the tile back splash too. The entire basement looks amazing and we have received so many complements and have even recommended him to a few of our friends! We will definitely use Randy again for any upcoming projects!
Larissa W.
Overland Park, KS.
Randy has done 6 different projects for me over the last 4 years. The first was a complete bathroom remodel, total tear out. We did tile floor to ceiling that turned out beautifully. He also put in a whirlpool tub with glass doors and a glass block window in the shower. Randy is so skilled with tile design.The next project was to put in a new chair rail and wainscotting in the dining room. He did just what I asked him to do and it seemed kind of blah to me. We talked about it and he made some changes that were perfect. I had him do some lighting work on the outside of the house. My favorite is a light that allows me to work in the yard even after it gets dark out. I also had him replace a couple of broken windows in the basement. The other big project was the living room wall that had a recessed fireplace with just one long board above it. I had a hodgepodge of shelving units for cds/dvds. I showed Randy a picture of a wall with bookcases and cabinets on either side of a beautiful fireplace with mantle. Randy built shelves and cabinets and a gorgeous fireplace, new crown moulding and a new tile entryway. When the person who was helping him did a less than perfect job, Randy had him tear it out and another guy redid it. I didn't even have to mention the work. It wasn't up to Randy's standards so he fixed it. I can always count on Randy to do a very high quality job whether the project is big or small. The job he did in December was kind of a rush job. I was having knee replacement done and needed a quick railing done before I was coming home from the hospital. After a couple of emails, Randy had a nice wood railing in place when I got home. I would highly recommend Randy. He's creative, talented and a complete professional.
Carol R.
Prairie Village, KS.