Bathroom Remodeling Mission Hills KS

 Whether you are looking to remodel your residence or flip an investment property, you can add value to the home by making smart remodeling choices. Kitchen Remodeling increases the market value as well as a personal value with a home. Unfortunatly, many people underestimate the value of Bathroom Remodeling. Bathrooms may be one of the smallest rooms in the house, but they can yeild a high return on investment when you go to sell the property. For the best value in Bathroom Remodeling in the Mission Hills KS area, you can always count on Remodel Masters.

Market Value of Bathroom Remodels

Usually, homeowners are warned to not “price it out of the market”. Real estate agents use this catch phrase to tell you to not go overboard on your projects because you will only get so much back when you sell the home. It is recommended to compromise on what you want versus what the real estate market wants. But with only a 4% difference in ROI, Mission Hills KS homeowners do not have to sacrifice personal value for the sake of market value when renovating bathrooms.

Love It Or List It

When making remodeling decisions, you must consider more than the market value of any upgrades. You must consider what makes your house feel like a home. Even if you are flipping the house, you have to keep in mind your project will be someone’s home. You need to choose bathroom designs and functionality that brings the most personal value. Don’t deny yourself the claw-footed tub you have always dreamed of for the sake of numbers on a spreadsheet. It is harder to quantify, but the personal value must factor into your bathroom remodel design. Contact Remodel Masters today for more information on our complete array of remodeling services!

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