Kitchen Remodeling Stilwell KS

Remodel Masters, founded in 2001, is a family owned and operated General Contracting Company that specializes in Home Remodeling services. Owner and founder, Randy Capone takes great pride in the rock solid reputation that his hard work has earned him in the Stilwell KS area. Randy’s perfectionism and attention to detail make him one of the best General Contractors available. His detail oriented nature and dedication to quality workmanship never slows Randy down. Remodel Masters is the fastest and best quality Kitchen Remodeling contractor Stilwell KS has to offer.

Quality Home Remodeling Services

When you are ready to give your home a make-over, Remodel Masters is a great partner to have. We can custom design the kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in your home. From counter tops to cabinets, paint to flooring, Remodel Masters can perform all remodel related tasks without the use of subcontractors! In our experience, involving subcontractors slows down the construction process, increases expense and generally decreases overall quality. Because of this, we avoid the use of subcontractors at all costs. We pass all of the savings of doing everything in house on to our customers. Therefore, we can provide the highest quality workmanship at highly competitive prices.

Add Value And Utility To your Home

A Room Addition is a great way to increase the utility of your home while avoiding the expense of relocating. Families grow, and as a result, they sometimes find themselves running out of room. Similarly,some people just want that extra bathroom, or a bigger kitchen to cook in. Surely, any of these things can be yours with a quality room addition provided by Remodel Masters. Certainly, Room Additions add new utility to your home. Additionally, an increase in square footage increases the property value as well. Call Remodel Masters today for more information on our Room Additions.

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