Remodeling Contractor Mission KS

Are you in need of a professional Remodeling Contractor in the Mission KS area? Look no further than Remodel Masters! Owner/Operator Randy Capone has been serving Johnson County KS with the finest in Home Remodeling services since 2001. Over the last 20 years Mr. Capone has built a reputation as a seasoned professional. He has a long list of satisfied and repeat clients. No other Remodeling Contractor in the Mission KS area comes as close to perfection as Remodel Masters.




Luxurious Room Additions

Surely, adding a new room onto your house is a practical way to provide more space for your family, create extra natural light and bring in potential rental income. Typically, the first room most homeowners want to remodel is the bathroom. However, Room Additions can be more cost-effective than many other remodeling projects. Because of this, homeowners should never overlook taking advantage of having some extra space. Sometimes people like the location of their home and don’t want to move, but have outgrown their square footage. If you need more space for your loved ones, Remodel Masters is a complete Room Addition solution!

Should I remodel it myself?

This is a common question every homeowner asks before remodeling any part of the home. As with any other major investment, choosing whether to take a project on yourself or whether to hire a contractor ultimately comes down to if the end will justify the means. However, the complex nature of major remodeling may be too much for some people. Surely, someone with little experience may be risking more than it’s worth to not hire a professional. Because of this, Remodel Masters is standing by to assist you with your remodeling needs. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss the pro’s and con’s of updating your kitchen to your desired standards.

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